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Welcome to -- the official web presence of Occupy San Diego.

Welcome to -- the official web presence of Occupy San Diego.

Occupy San Diego is a social movement started in October 2011 in solidarity with New York City's Occupy Wall Street movement. Like Occupy Wall Street, Occupy San Diego is making our voices heard on issues of structural economic inequality, homelessness and home foreclosure, political corruption, institutionalized racism, LGBT struggles, freedom of speech, freedom of information and culture -- the list is truly endless.


Thank you all, donors and volunteers for helping to make the #OpSafeWinter Compassion for the Houseless Gift Drives a resounding success!  Through your generosity and efforts we've been able to offer assistance to hundreds of our least fortunate and most vulnerable area residents!

Upcoming - Global Homeless Day on May 4th from 4-6 PM at Civic Center Plaza

Feed and clothe the House-less.

We need your donations of sweatshirts, jackets, coats, socks, shoes, blankets, flashlights with batteries, gloves, toiletries, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, backpacks, blankets. Please donate and we will get it to people that need it. Also needed are volunteers to pass out donations and prepare food the day of the event! Join us!

If you can't bring it, we will have volunteers that will pick it up from you. Thank you!




Our website forums are no longer active, but there are several active Facebook groups, just search for "Occupy San Diego" or "OccupySD".  Also OSD is on Twitter, @OccupySD.

Solidarity Forever! Occupation makes us strong!

Solidarity Links

OSD on Twitter
OSD on Tumblr
OSD Wellness Facebook
Occupy City Heights


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